Welcome to Genasys

Founded in 1997, Genasys Technologies is an industry leading technology-inspired software company which develops and supports world-class software and services for its partners in the insurance industry. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our product, our harmonious relationships with our clients and our commitment to becoming the leading software provider to the South African insurance industry. Our competitive advantage lies in our client-centric approach, focused strategy, innovative capacity and distinctive, duel-currency, multi-lingual, Euro-compliant brand.


Genasys Technologies was founded by Steve Symes to develop a system for a large insurer in the UK. Further experience in Europe naturally lead to the development of our own fully-fledged comprehensive, insurance management system which successfully transcends geographical, language, currency and insurance barriers. Genasys remains owner managed and currently has a compliment of over 90 highly valued professional staff who were all hand picked for their skills and their passion for their profession.